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Meet Brittany McNamara

Owner of Beyond Travel Explorations

I'm an explorer at heart. I've always been curious and crave to understand as much as possible. Naturally, those qualities drew me to travel, where I could connect with other cultures, have insider access through relationships and activities, and experience as much as possible that the world has to offer. As cliché as it sounds, those experiences have shaped my lifestyle, personality, as well as my perception and understanding of the world. My goal is to provide others with the opportunity to explore and discover the world and, potentially, themselves.

Additionally, I've always had a love for nature and wildlife. Whether it was my kindergarten dream to be a veterinarian "when I grew up", the papers I wrote of aspirations to name my own species, or my dinnertime lectures on climate change, I forever and always desired to protect our planet. Ultimately, I earned a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology. Now, I’m utilizing that background in the sciences to create adventures for my clients that incorporate sustainability and socially-responsible practices. 

Suffice it to say, Beyond Travel Explorations isn't my job - it's my passion. My passion for exploring. My passion for protecting our natural world. My passion for sharing travel with others. 

Not only will my clients encounter and discover wildlife, unique cultures, uncommon destinations, and the overall joys of traveling and having new experiences, they’ll also feel the fulfillment of having a positive impact on the planet and local communities. Let's take your adventures beyond simply traveling. Let's travel with impact.

Together we can make the world a better place Through Travel without sacrificing on quality, and still creating enjoyable memories on all of your worldwide adventures.

Why work with Brittany &
Beyond Travel explorations

I’m a great listener, noting your needs, desires, and travel style. I understand that each person is different, and I endeavor to create the perfect adventure specific to each client.
• Honesty and authenticity are my priority. I give thought to every situation, act truthfully, and share my expertise, so my clients have everything they need to make the best decision for themselves. I'm dedicated to my clients and want them to feel comfortable asking questions and making requests. I enjoy building great relationships with my clients so that, as our connection grows, I can enhance and refine how I design their itineraries.
My expertise and experience in travel and the sciences make me a fantastic resource. With my extensive personal and work related travels, continuing education on the travel industry, and degree in environmental studies, no client question is left unanswered. I can help with anything from how to find the best hiking boots to whether that tourist spot is worth it or not, and more. Additionally, I can guide clients on easily incorporating sustainability into their travels.

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When I’m not planning my clients’ adventures or off on my own travels, you might find me curled up with a good book, out with my husband hiking a quiet trail, grabbing a beer at  a local brewery, or enjoying an event in my hometown of Longmont, Colorado.

A few of my other skills include photography, scuba diving, basic Spanish, and making a drool-worthy pizza!

I'm passionate about having experiences instead of “things”, enjoying and appreciating the outdoors, sipping on a nice glass of red wine, and amazing travel stories about the small yet impactful moments from their trip (hearing client stories is one of the best parts of my job!).

I have visited 22 countries and counting. My favorite so far - if I had to pick - is probably Argentina.

Fun Facts about me